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Our Mission:


Homeless dogs and cats are a continuous and ongoing problem in our North Fort Worth community. Most of us are unaware of the number of animals that are euthanized every year in our local shelters. Many of these animals are lost because there are too few people willing or able to adopt a rescue or shelter animal. Additionally many animals when surrendered, are in need of emergency and serious medical care. Due to a lack of resources, these animals are often quickly destroyed.


While there are many excellent non-profit groups in our community that rescue and place shelter dogs and cats in new homes, they often lack the funds, resources and facilities to treat an injured or ill pet until it is well enough to be placed up for adoption. That is why Dr. Karen Metzler, owner of Summerfields Animal Hospital established the North Tarrant Animal Rescue apart from other rescue organizations.


The mission of North Tarrant Animal Rescue is to treat those shelter animals in need of medical care, restore their health, and find them loving new homes.

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